Witches and crafts in Sutterton

Ros Reynolds and her 'notorious' dog Cisko pose in front of her altar (SG190717-100TW)
Ros Reynolds and her 'notorious' dog Cisko pose in front of her altar (SG190717-100TW)
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A self-proclaimed witch hopes to encourage relaxation through spell-casting during her spirituality weekend, despite her dog eating the list of attendees.

Sutterton Dog Park will become a haven for those seeking some peace and tranquility as seven teepees are expected to be erected this weekend from Friday, July 21 until Sunday, July 23.

The three acres of land will host workshops including Shamanic drumming, herbal healing, psychics, crafting and outdoor skills.

However, Ros Reynolds suffered a stressful start to the relaxation weekend when her three-year-old Samoyed dog Cisko stole her list of workshops and ate it.

Ros Reynolds, landowner, said: “My three year old Samoyed dog Cisko is notorious. He will eat anything.

“She went off with the list and by the time I got it back there wasn’t much left.”

Ros is a self-proclaimed witch and hopes others will soon come to her understanding of the world as somewhere for peace and tranquillity.

She added: “I am a witch. We don’t keep a secret of it anymore. I have signs saying ‘Witches live here’ and a six foot skeleton in my house.

“Witchcraft involves balancing nature and myself. I used to find it difficult. But once I understood who I am and the way the world is I found it much easier.

“I’m expecting everyone to come along and relax. There’s too much grief in the world. I have acres of land here and am a bit stressed myself.

“It’s about relaxing around a camp fire. I have a psychic medium coming and lots of other spiritual workshops.”

A nights stay in a teepee will cost £7.

The event will be signposted from the Sutterton roundabout on the A16 and A17 and is located at the Sutterton Dog Park (PE20 2LR).

For further information go to www.facebook.com/groups/Suttertonspirituality/