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Round up of recent video game releasesDEVIL MAY CRY 5 (X1/PS4)


This latest entry in the legendary action franchise continues the high standard set by previous entries - and the fifth DMC instalment definitely runs.

With three main protagonists - series mainstays Dante, Nero and newcomer V - tackling a new demonic invasion is extremely satisfying in this high-octane combo system-influenced hack n’ slasher sequel, that oozes style from every pore.

It may feel a little padded at times with lulls in the level design and puzzling elements, but with such competent mechanics - combined with its fascinating characters and nice touches of humour - this is undoubtedly a devilish return to form for the series after the last instalment had split the fan base. This time round there shouldn’t be any crying. Rating: 4/5



This direct sequel to the critically-acclaimed Far Cry 5 may have an extended DLC feel - but fans of the franchise should still get a lot out of it.

Set 17 years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilisation re-emerges from the chaos to find a world dramatically changed, and the populace of Hope County, Montana, have gathered into different groups to battle for survival - particularly when the vicious Highwaymen gang look to bleed people of their resources.

With Far Cry’s exceptionally familiar core gameplay, this is more of the same - just with a different skin and a few twist and turns - which leads to this ultimately being a water-down Far Cry 5-esque adventure than a new dawn. But it still provides a satisfying new day. Rating: 3/5



The new Lego Movie game takes a risky change of direction after the tried and tested formula was done so well with the last very impressive Lego-based iteration DC Super-Villains - and for the most part it works.

Gone are the levels structure that has come before, being replaced by a (semi-) open world adventure that should still do enough to satisfy its core kids audience - but those familiar with previous games may find it hit-and-miss.

Playing as Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman and co - with variety thrown in by the likes of General Mayhem and Rex Dangervest - this is a colourfully fun experience as brick building takes over to unlock new worlds, and makes this is a competent accompaniment to the movie. Rating: 3/5

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