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Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6
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The art of film animation has changed out of all recognition in the past few decades from hand drawn single frames to CGI pyrotechnics.

In the coming few weeks we are encouraging you to have a go at making a short animated film yourself – in celebration of our two Easter holiday films, Shaun the Sheep and Big Hero 6 which present two very different styles of the animators’ art.

For the South Holland Centre competition we are asking people to create a two-minute long stop-frame animation and, in tribute to the new Shaun the Sheep 
movie – each competition film must feature sheep!

Technology that is in practically everyone’s home, like mobile phones and digital cameras, can be used to create films as can freely available online software.

Entries must be completed by Sunday, March 29, and there are two age categories: primary school age; and secondary school age and above.

Like to have a go? Have a look at the full competition rules on the South Holland Centre’s website under the April cinema page before you start.

The two winning entries, 
which will be judged on Wednesday, April 1, will be screened during the Easter holidays before the Shaun the Sheep movie. This is the latest production from the famous Aardman Animations studios which created Wallace & Gromit, and now has TV star Shaun leaping into his own funny full-length feature.

Alongside these sheepish adventures, the Centre will be screening Disney’s latest 3D box office hit, Big Hero 6. This story features a roly-poly 
inflatable robot named Baymax and a boy genius who forms a band of high tech heros when danger beckons. Both films, rated U and PG, have great witty scripts and will be enjoyed by all generations of the family.