THEATRE REVIEW: Pitch black plot sees Peterborough Mask Theatre run wild with Shakespeare classic

DARK SHADOWS: Ryan Blackburn as Ross and Carl Perkins as Macbeth in a scene from Peterbrough Mask Theatre's production of William Shakespeare's play performed at Crowland Abbey.

Macbeth, Peterborough Mask Theatre, The Old Nave, Crowland Abbey

The old nave at Crowland Abbey was the stage for Peterborough Mask Theatre’s 70th anniversary production of Macbeth on Friday night.

No theatrical expense was spared in creating the bloodthirsty, homicidal, psychopathic character that is Shakespeare’s Macbeth, portrayed by Carl Perkins as if he was an ancestor of wrestling anti-hero, The Undertaker.

Wisely, the theatre company stayed true to the story of how Macbeth seized the throne of Scotland after a prophecy by three cackling witches (Suzanne Tuck, Becky Owen Fisher and Cheryl Livingstone) who later predicted his final downfall.

Just like the ill-tempered and fallible King Saul of the Bible, Macbeth’s overthrow was no less humiliating, helped on by the sneering, scheming, seething Lady Macbeth (Summer Moeed).

In fact, Peterborough Mask Theatre managed to stage a Macbeth where very few redeeming features could be found among the entire cast as if a spell had been cast by the witches central to Macbeth’s demise.

But the setting, the cast and director Emma Goldberg elevated what could have been yet another version of a perpetually acted out play into something Crowland was very privileged to host.

Review by Winston Brown

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