REVIEW: ‘Beastly’ or brilliant – a show to divide opinions

Sparkle and Dark's I Am Beast.
Sparkle and Dark's I Am Beast.
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I AM BEAST, By Sparkle and Dark, South Holland Centre, Spalding

Rarely do we see any show where my partner and I leave with totally different views – but this one certainly divided opinion in the Ransome household.

I really enjoyed the imagination and humour on show, but my partner, although impressed by the acting, lights and puppetry, thought it a convoluted way of telling of a teenager’s grief at her mother’s death.

The story revolves around a father and daughter dealing with the lloss of a wife and mother. The daughter, slowly breaking down mentally, goes into an imaginary world of super heroes, where her dad is both villian and hero and her best male friend is desperate to be her crime -fighting sidekick. Her 
father’s best female friend and potential new love – at least in the daughter’s eyes – is also a villian in this imaginary world.

In both world she mourns the loss of her mum – although in the alternate relaity this figure is portrayed by another, dead, 
super hero.

The girls’ inner-torment is displayed through puppetry, with a ‘beast’ that stalks her during her darkest 
moments. Eventually she fights her own real demons and emerges, not cured, but certainly with a fighting chance of happiness. Moving stuff.

Jeremy Ransome