Last line of duty for retiring Bev before handover to Naomi

Retiring PCSO Bev Robinson is handing over her Spalding East Rural beat to PCSO Naomi Newell.  Photo by Tim Wilson.
Retiring PCSO Bev Robinson is handing over her Spalding East Rural beat to PCSO Naomi Newell. Photo by Tim Wilson.
  • Changing of the PCSO guard in Cowbit, Moultons and Westons
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Retiring PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Bev Robinson (60) may have The Jam’s 1982 number one song, Beat Surrender, going through her mind this week.

Bev, a familiar face in Cowbit, Moulton, Moulton Chapel, Moulton Seas End, Weston and Weston Hills over the last ten years, is handing in her uniform and mobile phone at the end of the month.

I’d say to Naomi ‘Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver and be straight with people’

Retiring PCSO Bev Robinson of Spalding East Rural policing area

But not before she has shown the ropes to her successor as PCSO for the Spalding East Rural policing area, Naomi Newell (31) who is coming back to her South Holland home after seven years spent helping to police Boston.

Bev said: “I decided it was time for me to retire and I’ve prepared myself for it.

“Although I’ll miss being out there with people in my community, I want to spend time with my husband, daughter, granddaughter and new horse which is due to in August after retiring from a riding stable.”

Before joining Lincolnshire Police in 2006, Bev was an animal warden in north London before joining the Metropolitan Police where she dealt with firearms licensing and later internet crime.

“I spent 12 years as an animal warden for the London Borough of Hackney and another 12 years with the Met,” Bev said.

“Then we moved up to Lincolnshire and I couldn’t go back to London now, even if you paid me.”

Naomi said: “Bev has a very big heart for her community and she spends a lot of time here.

“Since I came here at the end of April, I’ve got used to the rural aspects of the community and, hopefully, they’ll make me as welcome as they’ve made Bev.

“I’m always here if they need me and if I can help them, I will.”

Speaking in praise of Bev’s service to the Spalding East Rural policing area, South Holland neighbourhood policing inspector Jo Reeves said: “Bev has been an integral part of her community whilst working as a PCSO.

“She has been involved in many significant events in the area and has truly epitomised the role of the PCSO.

“Bev is well-known and liked within the community and, without doubt, will be missed by them and her colleagues alike.”

During her ten years of service in South Holland, Bev was influential in the quarterly neighbourhood policing panels and organising regular “one-stop safety advice shops”, with support from charities, volunteer groups, South Holland District Council and Lincolnshire Police.

But one of Bev’s biggest achievements was in bringing Chelsea’s Choice, a play about the dangers of child sex exploitation and grooming, to Moulton in October 2014.

Bev said: “Chelsea’s Choice was unique and even though there was a lot of work involved in doing it, it was worth it if we protected just one child.

“The feedback on that was absolutely brilliant because before the play, people thought ‘it can’t happen in Moulton’.

“But that’s how the people behind it can target youngsters.”

Chelsea’s Choice was produced by AlterEgo Creative Solutions of Northampton whose creative director Sean McGrath said: “Chelsea’s Choice is an applied theatre production that has been seen by over 450,000 young people and thousands of adult on tours throughout the country.

“The play is aimed at raising awareness of child sexual exploitation and in 2014, PCSO Bev Robinson worked tirelessly to secure the funding to have the production shown in the village of Moulton.

“Once she had secured the funding, Bev then did a tremendous job of getting the venues organised and getting audiences to them to see the play.

“She also made sure that the cast were well-looked after when they turned up.

“AlterEgo works with a number of police forces all around the UK but in the five years that Chelsea’s Choice has been touring, Bev is the only PCSO that has taken on the burden of organising all of the logistics for the play, getting the message out and helping to safeguard children and young people in her area.

“As a result, it was a pleasure working with her on the project.”