Swineshead rapper Luke could break Eminem’s world record

Luke Settle (aka HYBRiD).
Luke Settle (aka HYBRiD).
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Mighty rapper Eminem might have his Guinness World Record whisked away from him by Swineshead talent Luke Settle

Luke, who also goes by the name of HYBRiD, is putting the finishing touches to a song that looks set to beat Eminem’s Rap God single as the song with the most amount of lyrics in it.

Rap God packs 1,560 words into a fast and furious six minutes, four seconds – an average of 4.28 words per second.

But Luke said: “As it stands there are 1,700 lyrics in my song ‘Untouchable’ which should have a run time of six minutes which equals 4.7 words a second!

“Obviously this could change during the recording process and that could mean that I increase the amount of words rapped per second to even five or more.”

The 27-year-old lyrical whiz may also be on the verge of a recording contract after North London record label Copper Brown heard his track ‘I Spy’ and are in talks about a potential publishing deal.

It’s a huge achievement for Luke who started off playing guitar, before teaching himself how to use musical software through hours of watching You Tube videos and using Google. He creates all his tracks himself from his home studio.

Besides making music, Luke works as an ambulance driver and finds himself often working lyrics together in his head. “But never with a patient in the back,” he added.

“I dabbled in guitar through self-teaching and then had lessons for a couple of years. My lyrics come from things I see in life, or just random little things in life and I think ‘how can I slip that into a lyrical structure?’ A lot of the time I sit with a beat on repeat or on a loop and I create the lyrics over the top.”

He’s also writing his first book - a post apocalyptic thriller. He said: “I’ve always had an interest in words and I like a clever play on words. When I was 15 or 16 my English teacher said I should write a novel. It wasn’t until I had an operation on my back last year and I did a lot of thinking that I started to write it. So far I’ve done eight chapters.”