Musician’s ‘rapid’ single gets global attention

Luke is hoping for chart and record-breaking success with his single 'Untouchable' (Photo supplied).
Luke is hoping for chart and record-breaking success with his single 'Untouchable' (Photo supplied).
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Since revealing to the Spalding Guardian that his song could create a new world record, Swineshead musician Luke Settle has captured the world’s attention.

Just a fortnight ago, we told how Luke’s self-penned single ‘Untouchable’ looks set to beat Eminem’s Rap God single as the song with the most lyrics in it.

And since the story was published, it has been picked up in all corners of the globe - from the US to Germany.

Luke, who also goes by the name HYBRiD, said: “I didn’t set out to break Eminem’s record but once I’d started writing lyrics I couldn’t stop.”

Rap God packs 1,560 words into a fast and furious six minutes, four seconds – an average of 4.28 words per second.

Luke is confident he’s broken Eminem’s record but to make it official he needs his song to chart.

He said: “I surprised myself with this track. It wasn’t until somebody said about Rap God that I realised I could have beaten it.

“I’ve just finished the recording stages and I’m absolutely exhausted.”

The track ‘Untouchable’ will be available at the end of this month to download and purchase on all major outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Playstore. Luke is also running a competition to help promote the single.

He said: “The first person to guess the total amount of lyrics will receive £100 and everyone who guesses the correct amount of lyrics thereafter will receive their money back from buying the track.

“The song is an array of everything that has happened over the past six months, my thoughts and my frustration with the music scene.

“It is about how people will support an American artist who they have never heard of but not someone a few miles from their hometown.”

But that could all be set to change very soon for Luke.

“I’ve got about 3-4 songs left which will conclude the 17 tracks on my debut album - my life’s project. It’s a mix of grime, hip hop, rock and metal,” Luke added.

“People ask me how I remember all the lyrics but it’s like remembering the words to several of your favourite songs. It’s just putting together all those lyrics. When you write your own lyrics they are coming out of your own head.”

To enter the competition to guess how many lyrics are in ‘Untouchable’ go to:


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