SPALDING ACOUSTIC NIGHT PREVIEW: Guitar tales with no strings attached

STRING CONFESSIONALS: Spalding-based musician Tommy Loose whose new album, (I'm Gonna) Tell God Everything, comes out in April. Photo by Dan Donovan.

Acoustic singer-songwriter Tommy Loose has been around the world and back since his days as a mainstay of Spalding’s annual Music in the Marketplace.

Three albums and thousands of air miles for international music examination body Rockschool have steadied Tommy for a spring tour, with a date at The Black Swan’s Annexe in New Road, Spalding, on Friday, April 7.

ACOUSTIC NIGHT: Tommy Loose and his harp-guitar will feature in a free acoustic showcase at The Annexe, The Black Swan, New Road, Spalding, on Friday, April 7, from 8.30pm, alongside singers Alisha Vickers and Phoebe Ophelia. Photo by Gavin Ferris.

The free acoustic showcase from 8.30pm, also featuring singers Alisha Vickers and Phoebe Ophelia, has been christened the “Everyone’s Afraid” Tour by Tommy who releases his third studio album three weeks later.

Tommy said: “I’m not one for watching the news much because I’m very busy with writing, recording, touring and teaching.

“But with everything that’s happening in Syria at the moment, I saw an internet image that was circulating of a little boy wounded by a shell.

“The last thing he said before dying was “I’m Gonna Tell God Everything” and, over the last five to ten years, I’ve got to a certain stage where I’ve tended to look at my life and wonder what direction I’m going in.

I’ve got to a certain stage where I’ve tended to look at my life and wonder what direction I’m going in

Spalding acoustic singer-songwriter Tommy Loose

“But the title of my tours tend to be different from those of my albums and this one is part of an acoustic night, at a venue I’m very familiar with.”

Tommy was virtually born to be a musician, having started out on the piano at the age of four and giving his first public recital three years later.

But after an adventure with the tuba when he was ten, Tommy discovered his calling as a guitarist at the same time as he discovered rock royalty in Iron Maiden.

Tommy said: “I’ve managed to get a CD out every year for the last three years, with the first one (Nearly Unique in 2015) nearly all instrumental.

“Then last year, Carrying the Unfixable was the result of a lot of things which happened to me and that I wanted to get out of my system.

“But (I’m Gonna) Tell God Everything is a mix of instrumental guitar and vocals because, after recording the first two albums, I’ve been having vocal lessons for about a year.

“It’s been a natural progression and it’s felt more natural for me to sing more.”

Tommy’s tour has stops in Lincoln, Stratford Upon Avon, Loughborough, Peterborough, Wisbech and Norwich before a spell in the USA at the Harp Guitar Gathering in California during the autumn.

He said: “Rockschool has helped me in forming a lot more relationships with people across the UK and beyond.

“I’m off to Australia in July, then to California in October, so both the playing and examining has taken me all over the place, which has been fun.”

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