REVIEWED: Younghusband, The Maccabees, S.C.U.M. and Mozart Parties

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I decided this week that I would venture into the unknown depths of new music.

Over the previous weeks I have reviewed a mixture of established artists and new artists. Even though some of these artists I will look at today may not have a million hits on YouTube, do not let that deter you from their musical prospects!

This week I have picked out four new bands which I believe that will a bright future in the await of 2012.

Younghusband – Crystal EP

‘Crystal’ is the teaser for what is set to be an highly anticipated first album from the band . The London four piece started off as bedroom project and slowly proceeded to performing live and now has developed into something quite promising. Since the well received earlier single of ‘Carousel/Nothing Nothing’ Younghusband have embraced a heavier psychedelic sound. With mentions of influences like The Beach Boys and Stereolab great things are expected from them.

My favourite track off ‘Crystal’ is ‘Tropic of Cancer’ as it is a song which could send you in the a calming trance walking through the streets late at night (which is perfect for this time of year) this song resonates through the other tracks on the EP. ‘Constantly in Love’ is concoction of post punk and indie pop a with lo-fi sound which will catch your attention. Another track off ‘Crystal’ which holds importance is ‘Neon Heartbreak’ the sound from this song is so intoxicating and fuzzy, it is hard to resist. ‘Reunion Message’ is the last track off ‘Crystal’ with accentuating keyboard melodies, it offers more of an elongated hypnotic element against the other hidden pop tracks off the EP. It is definitely worth listening to ‘Crystal’ as it shines a light on the future of independent music and how it could develop into something exciting over the course of the next year.

‘Crystal’ is out now.

The Maccabees – Pelican

This is the first single set to release from their anticipated third album ‘Given to the Wild’. ‘Pelican’ ( what did I tell you about those animal references!) is unmistakeably the sound of The Maccabees, with slight of hand guitars and alluring voice of lead singer Orlando, it only seems that this is a natural step forward for the band from Brighton. Could this future album be toured around the country’s arenas? With the contention of The Maccabees being serious, 2012 with be an captivating time with them in the forefront of music.

‘Pelican’ is out on January 1.

S.C.U.M – Amber Hands

If like me, when you first hear of this band name you think it is quite offensive or they just need to clean their bathroom, either way you will find that S.C.U.M has been gaining momentous popularity over the course of this year. ‘Amber Hands’ is the first single released from their début album ‘Again into Eyes’ which was released in September of this year. The London based band have a similar presence to The Horrors with dense, dark riffs and electronic 80s influences. Thomas Cohen, the lead singer carries the track quite nicely with a reminisce vocals of Lou Reed. Overall I would say that ‘Amber Hands’ would be great theme tune for a variety of surrealist paintings.

‘Amber Hands’ is out now.

Mozart Parties – Black Clouds

This song is a beautiful piece of pop music. ‘Black Clouds’ projects very atmospheric melodies and I believe this is a very good debut single from the 23-year-old James Bennett. Not like any other regular artists, James moved out from his home city of London and ventured to the picturesque Lake District to create his music and with ‘Black Clouds’ it has seemed to paid off.

‘Black Clouds’ is out now.