Reviewed: Kasabian, Maverick Sabre, Foo Fighters and the Arctic Monkeys

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In the first in a new series of online music columns, student writer Holly Evans gives the lowdown on the new Kasabian album plus the latest singles from Maverick Sabre, Foo Fighters and the Arctic Monkeys.

Kasabian – Velociraptor!

When asked why Kasabian’s new album was called Velociraptor!, the guitarist Sergio Pizzorno replied “Velociraptors used to hunt in packs of four”.

This answer certifies the metaphorical connection between dinosaurs and the rock ‘n’ roll band. Whatever next? Pigeons for pop music?!

It seems Kasabian have kept their confident laddish persona and their new dinosaur album is not half bad either.

After their popular success of West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, the boys from Leicester have come back with a fourth album with more anthemic riffs and psychedelic tunes than ever before.

The unexpected slow opener of Let’s Just Roll Like We Used To gives an 1960’s edge with deep nostalgic brass tones. The lyrics really symbolise Kasabian’s past, their youth with Tom the lead singer’s voice yearning for something more.

Other tracks off Velociraptor! such as I Hear Voices gives another dimension to Kasabian.

The song explores a more futuristic feel with electric rhythms which transports you in a psychedelic world as Tom’s voice drones over the top.

Even La Feé Verte (French for green fairy as some might say) sung by Serg talks of lost thoughts and probably of plain confusion. Rather summing up the whole feel of the album as, not intricate but more ambiguous.

However Kasabian’s ambition does not hardly reflect that little French song but rather exceeds it instead. With a glint in their eye Kasabian seems to be reaching unprecedented new heights, as Velociraptor! has already topped the album chart gaining the band a third number one (that exclamation mark must have really sparked off the excitement).

What next, world domination? Whatever success Kasabian achieve, their fourth album will surely resonate in peoples’ minds for the rest of the year.

2011 is definitely Kasabian’s comeback year and may Britpop continue.

Maverick Sabre – I Need

After the success of the upbeat ‘Let Me Go’, the London born singer Maverick Sabre has a new follow up track ‘I Need’.

This song really shows off his soulful unique voice and reinforces why Maverick Sabre is one of the best up and coming artists of this year.

‘I Need’ lyrics have had such a wide appeal and would relate to any walks of life. Overall, its just a genuinely good single. Out on the 6th November.

Foo Fighters - Arlandria

After their huge success of their new album ‘Wasting Light’, ‘Arlandria’ is the third release and is better than ever.

With heavy melodic guitars (a Foo Fighter tradition) and thought provoking lyrics, this song is surely to rally their fans into a frenzy at any gig.

It seems that Foo Fighters are like cheese, the more mature they are the better they get . ‘Arlandia’ is out now.

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It and See

‘Suck It and See’ from the same entitled album has been set to release after the other successes of ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I Moved Your Chair’ and ‘The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala’. The single is a mixture of Turner’s pop lyrics and the jingle jangle sound of indie guitars. ‘Suck It and See’ has more of a relaxed feel and a reflective mood from the band. However will the single sustain the strong success of the album? ‘Suck It and See’ will be released on the 31st October.

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