On track for transport hopes

Volunteers help make improvements to Spalding Railway Station.
Volunteers help make improvements to Spalding Railway Station.
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A group of local, passionate people have come together to help adopt and improve Spalding Railway Station over the last year.

They all have made a start in improving the area around Platform 2 by shifting seven tons of soil by hand into the new flower beds.

As far as the frontage is concerned it now looks presentable but there is still a lot more work to be done.

Local firms such as Bakkavor, Butters, Tulip Events, Spotless Spalding and Bourne Skip Hire, councillors from South Holland and many other local groups have involved themselves in supplying the work force, plants and the soil.

We would really appreciate new ideas on further improvements to the station as well as hearing from anyone that wants to help.

You can email me on jan@tulip-events.co.uk or call me on 07779 895388 for any information as well as any of the committee.

Our first new committee meeting is on the 5th January and there will be some new programmes on rail, road and buses.

We will be pushing for a Sunday service and improvements to the timetable with earlier and later times.

Spalding is expanding and if we do not plan for the future and improve our public transport services we will not improve our social/economic position in the county.