MUSIC REVIEW - Music for Exhibitions and Film, Aidan O’Rourke, Reveal Records - Out Now

Scottish-Irish fiddler and composer Aidan O'Rourke.  Photo by Peter McNally.
Scottish-Irish fiddler and composer Aidan O'Rourke. Photo by Peter McNally.
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Sound of the seas comes rushing out of your ears

If Channel Four Racing was looking for a new theme tune to head up its TV coverage, they could do a lot worse than turn to Aidan O’Rourke.

The Scottish-born, Irish-ancestry fiddler has been called “unique and extraordinary” by music critics, a weighty commendation justified by his soundtrack EP, Music for Exhibitions and Film.

It starts with the pulsating sound of Tumadh, originally commissioned by Scottish artists Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion for an exhibition in Dundee.

The sound of horses’ hooves pounding on turf, presumably Ayr racecourse, immediately springs to mind, allied with O’Rourke’s dark and haunting fiddle accompaniment.

Something altogether more Irish can be found in the second track, Immersion, which sounds as if it was inspired by Clannad, Sigur Ros and Vangelis.

The third track, Infuse My Eyes With Molten Grey Skies, is the second-longest on the album at nearly 12 minutes.

But O’Rourke manages to whisk the listener off to a land fitting for Aberdeen author Stuart MacBride’s detective Logan McRae, before the album ends with the even darker and more haunting Feel The Pulse of This Place.

You may never have visited the west coast of Scotland, but Aidan O’Rourke’s experimental and ambitious soundtrack certainly takes you there - and you may never want to come back.

Review by Winston Brown