MUSIC REVIEW: Close your eyes and drift away with Stacey

Stacey Kent
Stacey Kent
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South Holland Centre, Spalding

I closed my eyes and imagined myself in a smoky bar in 1930s Berlin, while my wife later said she thought a comfy armchair and a large glass of wine was more appropriate .

But the South Holland Centre was plenty good enough for both of us and, wherever your location, the sounds of the American singer and her immaculate band wash over you in a beautifully relaxed way.

The UK-based jazz artist once again thrilled her Spalding audience, with a mixture of classics and original compositions.

Backed up by a very talented band, she also gave us a taste of her next album, where the songs will be performed with a full orchestra.

But the talented crew in front of us on Friday were made their own wonderful sounds as songs from France, Brazil and even a bit of Serge Gainsbourg kept us entertained.

Stacey’s husband Jim Tomlinson is a master of the saxaphone and flute, Graham Harvey a beautiful piano player, Josh Morrison a multi-faceted drummer and Jeremy Brown a fine bass player.

And isn’t it nice to see a performer who obviously loves what she’s doing? Stacey beams a beautiful smile as she introduces each trackand you can tell just how she loves the standards she is lending her beautiful voice to and the gift of new tunes she feels honoured to perform.

Jeremy Ransome