Inside the South Holland Centre: Lifetime theme for live concert

Alfie Jack are Spalding-based brothers George and Freddie who have been writing and performing for three years.
Alfie Jack are Spalding-based brothers George and Freddie who have been writing and performing for three years.
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It is not often that local singer song-writers get the chance to work with a nationally recognised group of musicians, but this is what we are looking forward to next week. Tommy Loose and duo Alfie Jack join the 13-piece City of London Sinfonia on Wednesday (November 26) to present a fabulous programme of live music at the Centre.

Tommy is a musician of huge range and ability. His experience ranges from playing heavy metal with well-known band Smokescreen, to tutoring music students at Coventry University, to releasing a melodic solo album next year.

Tommy is performing his well-known original composition, Memories of Me for this event, and has worked with composer John K Miles to arrange it for the Sinfonia to play, with himself on vocals and harp guitar.

Alfie Jack, meanwhile, are George and Freddie, two Spalding-based brothers who have been writing and performing together for the past three years, growing an enthusiastic following.

Their compositions draw inspiration from everyday lives and day to day events and they have successfully developed an original and distinctive sound. Despite residing in rural south Lincolnshire they have recently been picked up by a London development and promotion agency after reaching the area finals of Open Mic UK.

Their moving original composition for the concert is called A Lifetime, and they will perform it with the Sinfonia to drawing the evening to a close.

In between Tommy and Alfie Jack, City of London Sinfonia will be playing exciting short pieces from Mozart, Holst, Tchaikovsky, Vaughn Williams, Smetana, Mussorgsky and Handel.

The programme has been chosen by the South Holland Centre’s Youth Takeover production team who have given the concert the theme of ‘Lifetime’.

We hope lots of people will come along to experience this rich take on orchestral music which will contain lots of familiar classical music as

well as the talent of our homegrown composers and musicians.

The concert will run for around 75 minutes and with tickets just £5 for under-26s, it is also a great opportunity to introduce children and young people to live concert music.