Former ‘class clown’ Nick is now class act

Nick Aslam from Holbeach whose new EP Scraping for Change is now on sale.
Nick Aslam from Holbeach whose new EP Scraping for Change is now on sale.
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The hits could be coming for a former Holbeach student and footballer who is now working with a top UK music producer.

Nick Aslam (28), who played at the first Holbeach Music and Beer Festival earlier this month, has a British tour which starts in Nottingham on Monday.

As well as the tour, Nick is also making the change from being a country singer to a more contemporary singer/songwriter with help from legendary record producer Martin “Youth” Glover, who has previously worked with Guns N’ Roses, The Verve, U2 and Sir Paul McCartney.

Nick, now based in Derby, said: “After everything that has happened to me over the past year, it was a blast to come back home to Holbeach for the Beer and Musical Festival where I had a great time.

“It came after I’d been grafting away in London, taking whatever gigs I could until I caught the eyes of two people who linked me up with Martin.

“I went to his home with my guitar with me and gave him a blast of what I was about.

“Martin instantly warmed to the songs and knew what I was trying to do, but he also wanted to try and get something more edgy and rocky in my music.”

The former George Farmer Technology and Language College student, who went on to play football for both Holbeach United and Bourne Town, brought out his debut EP (extended play) Fingerprints last March which ended up being played on the airwaves of a country music radio station in Nashville, USA.

Nick’s second EP, Scraping for Change, went on sale last Friday on the Nottingham-based Rough Trade Records label, where Nick will be playing on Monday.

“I was a bit of a class clown at school in Holbeach, pleasant, always interested in sports and friendly with everybody,” Nick said.

“But now after a lot of doors opened up for me, I’m a part of the music scene.”