CONCERT PREVIEW: Skate along the ‘outskirts’ of bluegrass with Colorado quintet

FROM DOWN UNDER TO OVER HERE: The Railsplitters play South Holland Centre on Thursday, February 8, at 8pm. Photo by Cary Jobe.
  • The Railsplitters steam back into Spalding from the USA

The Americana series at South Holland Centre continues next week with Colorado band The Railsplitters.

Used to describe a workman who splits logs into rails to make fences, the term “railsplitter” was also the nickname for US President Abraham Lincoln.

Then The Railsplitters got hold of it to go with their edgy style of bluegrass mixed with roots, jazz, Hispanic and even soul influences.

Next Thursday’s concert at 8pm is the 12th stop on the band’s three-week British tour after an energetic trip to Australia.

Lead singer Lauren Stovall said: “The tour was great and considering that it was our first time in Australia, it was all we expected and more.

“It was similar to other experiences we’ve had overseas where people seemed to appreciate what we do.

We have a whole new kind of sound with the two new members of the band who have brought personality to the way that we play our music

Lauren Stovall, lead singer and guitarist, The Railsplitters

“The past two times we’ve toured the UK, we’ve been really well-received and when we announced that we were coming back, there were nice messages from people on social media.

“We’re here to promote our new album, Jump In, and we hope to make a good impression, as well as leaving some interesting thoughts in people’s minds.”

Since their last visit to Spalding in April 2016, The Railsplitters have refined “their lush harmonies, instrumental virtuosity and non-conformist songwriting”, with the addition of fiddle player Joe D’Esposito and upright bassist Jean-Luc Davis.

Lauren said: “We did a lot of really good show in Australia where we played to a lot of listening rooms (a type of cafe gig), our favourite setting to play in, and a few festivals as well.

“But we have a whole new kind of sound with the two new members of the band who have brought personality to the way that we play our music.

“Our whole stage persona has changed a little bit because of the humour level that Joe brings as he’s a very off-the-cuff fiddle player who comes up with a lot of creative ideas on the spot.

“Jean-Luc comes from a jazz background and with a new songwriter added to the group as well, our sound is becoming more diverse and experimental.

“We’re very much a part of the bluegrass genre but we also realise that we’re on the outskirts of it and when we went to Australia, it felt like we were at a world music festival because we were the ones that were different.

“It’s something that we really enjoy, not sticking to the traditional music of bluegrass, and we hope to put over a good message to write about.

“We all realise that we have a microphone and maybe it’s good to use the platform that we have.”

Tickets priced £13.50, £12 and £7.50 (for under-26s) are available from the South Holland Centre Box Office on 01775 764777.

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