An album you can throw your arms around

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In 2006, West Yorkshire band Embrace joined the likes of New Order, Spice Girls and TV hosts Ant and Dec in recording an England World Cup song.

Then the band took an eight-year sabbatical as memories of songs such as Nature’s Law, Brothers and Sisters, Whatever It Takes and Out of Nothing faded into the distance.

Now Embrace are back with self-titled album Embrace and ten songs the band hopes will take listeners back to the standard which led critics to compare them to Elbow, Coldplay, Travis and Keane.

Fans had a sneak preview of Embrace when the track Refugees was released as an EP and along with the haunting I Run and the equally anthemic At Once, these are the three stand-out tracks on the album.

The rest of the album is electro-pop fusion similar to when the New Romantics threatened a stranglehold on the pop charts.

Examples of this on the album the opening track Protection, Quarters and The Devil Looks After His Own.

Publicity around Embrace suggests the band have ended their eight-year hibernation with a “more raw and darker sound.

Whether this is the case or not, even the most indifferent listener may find something to like on Embrace.