ALBUM REVIEW: Of course Green Day’s greatest hits is brilliant but why no ‘Jaded’?

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Green Day Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band

Green Day Greatest Hits: God’s favorite band is, as it sounds, the new greatest hits album from one of the world’s best-selling bands, Green Day.

This compilation album compiles the best Green Day songs, in chronological order, from the band’s second album ‘Kerplunk’ all the way two their newest number one offering ‘Revolution Radio’.

On top of this, the album contains a new rendition of ‘Ordinary World’, now featuring Miranda Lambert, as well as an all-new song ‘Back in the USA’, which, might I add, is excellent.

This album contains most of their biggest hits and fan favourites, such as ‘Basket Case’, ‘Good Riddance (Time of your Life)’, ‘American Idiot’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Still Breathing’, but it misses out some obvious and, in one case, almost necessary track. The aforementioned ‘missing track’ is ‘Jaded’... this always follows the track ‘Brain Stew’, which is on the album, but for some reason it is not included here. The songs are even combined for the music video.

Apart form this there are a few other tracks that I would have liked to be on the album, such as ‘Platypus (I hate you)’ and ‘Jesus of Suburbia’, but the fact that they are missing doesn’t affect the quality of the album at all.

In my opinion I think if you don’t own anything by Green Day and you like their songs, this album is a must buy, but if you are already a fan and own their recordings, you don’t need to rush out and buy this album. The new song’s great though.