ALBUM REVIEW: Mersey band makes claim to be the new famous four

CITY BEATS: Liverpool band Sugarmen are frontman/guitarist Luke Fenlon, songwriter/guitarist Chay Heney, Sam McVann (drums) and Tom Shields (bass). Photo supplied by Sonic PR Music.

Local Freaks, Sugarmen, Modern Sky UK Records, Out Now

Singer-guitarist Luke Fenlon, guitarist Chay Heney, bass player Tom Shields and drummer Sam McVann make up Liverpool band Sugarmen whose debut album, Local Freaks, was released in shops on Friday.

THUNDER ON THE MERSEY: Liverpool band Sugarmen have released their debut album, Local Freaks, which is out now on Modern Sky UK Records. Photo supplied by Sonic PR Music.

With the pulsating acoustic strings and drums of the first track, Sold, Sugarmen leave no room for doubt as to which tradition they are following.

But instead of The Beatles, this Mersey foursome have their eyes on another quartet from Liverpool, Echo and the Bunnymen.

Rock fans looking for varying tempos on Local Freaks will have to look elsewhere as the pace of Sugarmen doesn’t let up for a second.

Our Gallows, Time, Central Line and This Is My Life all pay homage to bands like The Who, Blondie, Marc Bolan and T-Rex, The Jam and The Clash which is fitting as its ex-guitarist Mick Jones produced the album.

But there is also variety in Sugarmen’s pace on tracks like Save The Feeling, a nod to Simple Minds and David Bowie’s works from the 1980s.

In fact Rabbit Hole, more suited to being a James Bond title track, rather than Alice in Wonderland, gives Luke a chance to bring a little Mersey rap to the album.

Review by Winston Brown

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