ALBUM REVIEW: Fine album that I’d recommend to anyone

Rat Boy
Rat Boy
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SCUM by Rat Boy

After hearing some of Rat Boy’s songs around a year ago I was anticipating his debut album.

Rat Boy (Jordan Cardy) is a British musician (21) from Chelmsford whose music spans genres such as hip-hop, indie rock , ska and brit pop.

This album start off very strong with songs such as Revolution and Laidback, both quite easygoing, especially Laidback, as suggested by the name. Then just a few tracks later are the hit singles Move and Fake ID. These songs are a lot more upbeat and also extremely catchy, Fake ID being my favourite and probably the best song on the album.

Soon comes another one of my favourite tracks, Left 4 Dead. This is very strong and takes clear inspiration from earlier Arctic Monkeys songs, with it’s heavy baselines. Then is his number one single from 2015, Sign On, which revisits the laid back vibes from earlier in the album. Title track Scum is another very strong song with yet another heavy baseline.

Then there are a few things a don’t like. The first of these is Sad Sad (featuring Mallory Merk) which is simply just too dull to be on such an upbeat album. This is followed by Kicked Outta School which is good but at five minutes, it overstays its welcome.

The other problem I have with this album is the interludes between tracks... there are nine of them, they don’t add anything and are just a nuisance.

They can be easily skipped though and don’t detract too much from a fine album that I’d recommend anyone listen to.

Alfie Ransome