ALBUM REVIEW: Decent effort but it won’t convert the disbelievers

Damage and Joy by The Jesus and Marychain
Damage and Joy by The Jesus and Marychain
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DAMAGE AND JOY – The Jesus and Marychain – Ada/Warner Music

The Reid brothers’ first album since 1998 starts promisingly with the catchy Amputation – a lament about being edited out of the music business.

There are other highlights too. All Things Pass sees the Marychain at their catchy best, with thumping bass and drums driving along Jim Reid’s classic, indifferent 
vocal delivery.

Always Sad could have come straight off one of their eighties offerings, with Jim and Bernadette Denning swapping vocals in a sweet, soppy number.

Another duet is The Two of Us with Isobel Campbell and this is really catchy, power pop. Presidici is another belter, with some great lyrics and a romping beat. Black and Blues features Sky Ferreira dueting with Jim and is a jaunty tune with a sad lyric.

But there’s plenty of so-so tracks too. Simian Split isn’t great and a duet on Song For A Secret with with former Belle & Sebastian member Isobel Campbell doesn’t 
really hit the spot.

War on Peace, Los Feliz and Mood Rider are dreary affairs, while Get On Home is catchy enough but, like so many of these songs, doesn’t sound any better on sixth or seventh lsiten than it does on the first.

All in all, a decent comeback. Diehard fans will be happy, lapsed admirers such as I satisfied but, I fear, it doesn’t offer enough to 
attract new fans.

Jeremy Ransome