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Coun Harry Drury (second from left) is supporting the Pride of South Holland Awards.
Coun Harry Drury (second from left) is supporting the Pride of South Holland Awards.
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Talking to Harry Drury, Vice Chairman of South Holland District Council, he has this to say about the forthcoming Pride Event in September.

“As we are approaching the Pride in South Holland Awards I have been visiting several community groups and public events in my role as Vice Chairman of South Holland District Council.

“With each event and meeting I attend, the message of community cohesion, hard work of volunteers and the overwhelming importance of structured but entertaining activities for our districts’ children become stronger.

“We as a community carry the responsibility of educating the next generation, not only academically as our fantastic schools do this, but education in their social responsibility to the community in which they live, respect for authority and most importantly, team work.

“There are few better places than to improve these skills than through sport. With the additional health benefit, this is the main reason for my support to the Pride Award of Community Sports Group.”

Harry is passionate about the event to which I thank him, he feels that as a district we need to honour and recognise the hours of tireless but rewarding voluntary efforts put into groups for providing the opportunity to our young and those with a broad range of abilities. Volunteers are the real heroes in our community - they often carry on with little recognition.

Please use this opportunity to nominate anybody you know who portrays these qualities and deserves a big thank you. Contact me on 07779 895388 or email We all know someone who has gone that extra mile, give me a call and I will send you a nomination form for that well deserving person.