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Explore your creativity with an art walk in Spalding

An art walk around Spalding on Saturday will give people the chance to learn about the French drawing technique of 'frottage'.

It is being led by artist Chris Lewis-Jones, who is working with the organisation Transported to run the event.

“The idea is for people to explore without a set destination,” he previously explained.

Artist Chris Lewis-Jones is leading the event.
Artist Chris Lewis-Jones is leading the event.

“It’s all about exploring the effects of the environment on our geopsyche and I like to point out what people can see, smell and feel as they stand in a particular spot."

Frottage is the French word for “rubbing”, which involves using graphite or pencil and paper to take rubbings of surfaces.

Chris explained that the drawings will be documented online and will capture places of interest and significance which are discovered along the way.

The meeting point will be outside the South Holland Centre in Spalding.
The meeting point will be outside the South Holland Centre in Spalding.

"We start at 10.30am, meeting outside the South Holland Centre (in Market Place). It will run until about 2-2.30pm.

"It's going ahead as planned as it is an education event."

Social distancing will be enforced and drawing media will be distributed but not be shared.

“We will be supplying graphite and frottage paper for everyone to use and no one will be sharing. Once we have finished, supplies will be put in a box and will be disinfected," he explained.

The event is a follow on from the project FenFrott (part of the CREATE-on Programme). This invited people to make rubbings on paper to record the forms and textures of the streets on which they walk and the homes in which they live. During this people took part in focus exercises; standing or sitting still for a specific period of time and recording everything they could see, hear, smell and feel.

Participants are advised to bring a packed lunch and weather-proof clothing. As there is no set route for the event, it will allow people to explore their own creativity.

The event is free of charge.

To book, please visit www.transported.com or alternatively you can call Chris on 07877 989213.

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