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Non Canon - Non Canon II: Album review

Non Canon is the alter ego of Barry Dolan. I say alter ego because he is otherwise known as the man behind heavy rock outfit Oxygen Thief.

This album is very different to the latter offerings. Here, the Bristol singer-songwriter goes down a more mellow route, exploring acoustic, alternative folk. It’s the second album under his Non Canon moniker.

“It’s ten songs about feelings, politics and feelings about politics,” he says.

Non Canon (Barry Dolan). Credit: Jack Lilley. (35191386)
Non Canon (Barry Dolan). Credit: Jack Lilley. (35191386)

Guest musicians include Neil Elliott and Ben Whyntie (Oxygen Thief); Pete Fraser (Field Music); Gareth Amwel Jones (My First Tooth/Lucky Shivers); drums Jon Clayton (Hurtling, Chris T-T & The Hoodrats); Hannah Johns (The Leylines); violin/viola Ryan Brooks (Left Side Brain/Super Goliath) and Alex Ball (composer and popular YouTuber).

There are playful references to James Bond, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Indiana Jones etc. He uses a good dash of humour to explore more thought-provoking topics.

For example, in the track ‘The Cavalier Years’ he sings of not quite fitting in, and you’ll hear lines such as: ‘I’m on the team but I’m on the bench; I’ve got splinters from so many years of sitting on the fence’... ‘I’m much more Baldrick than Blackadder.’

The album is out now, available from Xtra Mile Recordings.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall

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