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I Own You by Dawn McConnell
I Own You by Dawn McConnell
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An abused girl, a terrified wife, a woman who wanted revenge.

This week’s book follows the story of Dawn. To the outside world, she was a successful businesswoman. No one knew that every waking minute of her day was controlled by her husband Stuart.

She had been subjected to years of coercion - belittled, threatened and hit. He told her that she belonged to him, that he would do horrific things to her if she left.

Dawn met Stuart at the age of fourteen. She had already been abused by her older brother and tells how she was all too easily groomed by this local businessman who seemed to love her.

Pregnant at sixteen, rejected by her parents, she ended up marrying him. And then it started, the long campaign to break her. She was forced to work all hours for Stuart, making money for him to spend.

Then one day Dawn found the strength to fight back - against the brother who abused her, and the husband who made her life hell.

Powerful and inspiring, I Own You is the true story of a woman determined to find happiness on her own terms.

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