Youngsters want skate park back in Holbeach

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A group of Holbeach youngsters are making a renewed effort to have a new skate park built in the town.

At least £1,000 has been raised through a number of events towards the skate park, although an affordable design for the project has not yet been finalised.

Parents, businessmen and councillors are supporting the project and Holbeach Parish Council has agreed to discuss the youngsters’ campaign at its next meeting in July.

Marie Billings, of Battlefields Lane, whose son Daniel (14) is one of the youngsters behind the campaign, said: “The youth want a skate park because they are into BMX games, skateboarding and scooter racing.

“At the moment, they’ve got to do it in either Spalding or King’s Lynn and it’s worrying for parents when they think about how their children are going to get there.

“The youth have got a few ideas of events that they are mulling over and we want people to give them a chance because they were once youths themselves.”

A skate park was originally built in Carter’s Park about ten years ago but after a spate of arson and vandalism incidents, it was removed in 2008.

Richard Rickerby, owner of The Mansion House Hotel in High Street, said: “Every town in the area with a reasonably sized population, and some with a smaller population, has secured quite decent funding for skate parks.

“The project to get one built in Holbeach is coming to a bit of a crunch but at the end of the day, it’s in everybody’s interests that new facilities are put in the area.”

The youngsters held talks recently with Holbeach county councillor Nick Worth who said: “I think it’s great they’ve come forward and it’s a good effort from them to say ‘this is what we want – can you help us?’

“I’m very supportive of them but we need the parish council on board.”

Coun Terry Harrington, parish council chairman, said: “The skate park idea came as a bit of a surprise but we’ll look at it and try to help the youngsters as much as we can.”