Visual charm but fails to advance

The Hobbit game ANL-140422-135024001
The Hobbit game ANL-140422-135024001
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After taking two steps forwards, Bilbo and co take one step back – as the latest LEGO game fails to advance the famous brick-based games.

It seemed like LEGO games had gone as far as they can, then the likes of Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and The Lord of the Rings introduced voice-acting to take it to the next level – but unfortunately The Hobbit slightly underwhelms in comparison.

That’s not to say it isn’t satisfying – with the usual combat and exploration – but the missions really don’t offer anything new as this game chronicles the events of the first two films that have been released at cinemas so far.

Despite a disjointed adventure – that adds a new gameplay system – it still has the LEGO visual charm to make this journey from The Shire to Lake Town one still worth taking.

Rating: 3/5