Spalding bookshop’s perfect book for Christmas

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Bookmark in Spalding recommends Alan the Christmas Donkey as its book of the week.

True, charming and heartwarming this is a story about a little donkey who helped save the sanctuary at Huttoft, near Skegness, that had taken him in.

Tracy had run the Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary for 20 years, creating a safe haven for more than 60 sick, unwanted and mistreated donkeys. But after a devastatingly difficult winter, with sky high bills, she didn’t know if she could afford to carry on – or if she had the physical strength to keep going. Then, in the first week of January, the phone rang. A donkey had been abandoned 130 miles away. Rushing to his rescue, Tracy found Alan – forlorn, balding and shivering – tethered up tightly in a supermarket car park. Barely able to walk on his painfully overgrown hooves, he had been left to die.

‘Don’t worry boy, I won’t give up on you,’ Tracy whispered to the forlorn donkey. Over the next 12 months, as Tracy grappled with attacks from vandals and perilous flash floods and desperately tried to raise money, Alan gradually recovered, turning into a lovable rogue. As Christmas rolled around, Tracy was too worried about the future to enjoy the festive season. She had no idea that the shy, skinny animal she’d rescued was going to give her the greatest gift of all ... For animal lovers everywhere, Alan The Christmas Donkey is a funny, warm and inspiring read.

The book retails for £9.99 but there is a 20 per cent discount voucher in the Spalding Guardian of November 3.