One Show takes to the sky over tulip fields

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BBC1’s The One Show took a lofty stance on Spalding’s Flower Parade on Monday – by sending up a hot air balloon to fly over the fields of the ‘last outdoor commercial grower of tulip bulbs’.

Belmont Farm, in Norfolk, supplies tulip heads for the flower parade and a short film from regular contributor Christine Walkden outlined the history of the tulip in the context of the parade and the horticultural industry at home and in Holland.

The One Show balloon glided over the tulip farm and Christine exclaimed “it looks like a giant deck chair” because the colours of the flower heads were arranged in neat lines across the land.

There were some 20 million tulip bulbs on the farm.

Kenyon Communications, who now oversee the parade, were delighted with the publicity given to Spalding.

The firm’s director, Caroline Kenyon, said: “The whole thing was woven into the context of the parade. It was lovely.

“People seem to have enjoyed it very much and are chuffed that Spalding was on The One Show.

“I did an interview on Radio Lincolnshire about it.”