DANCE SHOW REVIEW: Formation, Polka Dot Dance Academy, South Holland Centre, Spalding

Polka Dot Dance Academy's award-winning under-17 dance troupe.
Polka Dot Dance Academy's award-winning under-17 dance troupe.
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Taking things to an ultimate edge in their breakout day

One of the boldest and most daring shows ever by a group of youngsters thrilled parents and grandparents at South Holland Centre, Spalding, on Saturday night.

Polka Dot Dance Academy, fresh from recent successes both nationally and internationally, showed off styles as varied as ballroom, jazz, cheerleading and street dance in a two-hour show to celebrate its youngsters winning two titles at the East Anglian Street Dance Championships in May.

Most of the routines gave dancers, aged between one and 18, a chance to show off their athleticism, creativity and maturity.

But there was also time for singing and a trip to the dark side before the mid-session interval with a team of skeletons pulling off some fancy moves that would have been impossible for the zombies featured in TV’s like The Walking Dead.

A mention must go to brother-and-sister duo James and Zoe Worthington who performed their Strictly Come Dancing-inspired routine which came second in the under-17s pairs competition at the East Anglian Street Dance Championships in Peterborough.

You guys are so amazing and part of me just wants to dance with them because they are so good o I just wanted them to look like they were having fun and they more than did that

Becky Tarrant, Polka Dot Dance Academy, Spalding

Also, academy leader Becky Tarrant, who brought the whole show together and later posted on social media: “proud just doesn’t cover it.”

“You guys blew me away, you incredibly talented bunch, (and) you have all worked so hard towards Formation and I couldn’t be prouder.

“I have the best job ever and I feel so lucky to get to work with you guys (as) you inspire me daily, so thank you.”

Review by Winston Brown