Author’s book to combat grandson’s dyslexia

Detective Dreams: David Turp and his grandson Luke contemplating the future
Detective Dreams: David Turp and his grandson Luke contemplating the future
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When dyslexia put David Turp’s grandson off reading David set about publishing an adventure story that was right up his street.

Two years ago then thirteen-year-old Luke told his grandfather David, from Pinchbeck, he dreamed of leaving school and becoming a detective.

“It was then that I decided to write an exciting detective story using the ingredients of mystery, sea-faring legend, folk lore, mixed with a crime to be solved by two young Scotland Yard detectives,” David said.

“The sleuthing duo has the same names, and enhanced characteristics, as my two grandsons, Luke and Jacob. Naturally I had to include my two granddaughters in the same way.”

Luke had always enjoyed the stories his grandfather told him but struggled reading himself because of his dyslexia.

David hoped a book inspired by Luke’s aspirations, with his own starring role, would combat his struggle.

David said: “I’ve always had a life long love and passion for books that started when I was about his age and it seemed disappointing that he would not share it.”

‘Deep Secrets’ is David’s first book. He said he’s written stories before but never had the motivation to try and get them published.

When a horribly mutilated body is washed up in Devon two detectives face dark unknown forces. Assisted by Miss Aimee and Rosie May they investigate the curious activities of a strange new order of monks and meet many more mysterious characters along the way. Do horrific creatures inhabit unholy depths where the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet the English Channel? These are mysterious deeps where legends persist and where animated sea kelp glows fluorescent in the dark. Can they get to the bottom of the bizarre occurrences?

With plenty of thrills and perilous action Deep Secrets aims to capture the imagination of readers aged eight years and up.

Luke knew his grandfather was writing a book but not that he would feature as the main detective.

David said he was ‘absolutely delighted’ when he found out and not only seems more interested in reading but also in writing now, following in his grandfather’s footsteps.

David said: “I hope it will appeal and delight readers of all ages who are looking for an exciting, original tale, full of actionpacked adventure.”

Deep Secrets by David Turp is available to buy on Amazon Books now for £4.99 or order by calling 07546554491.