A journey through time for old school

Ex-Spalding Grammar School sixth-former 'Chelsea Turnell who led the school's Timeline Project.  Photo by Tim Wilson.
Ex-Spalding Grammar School sixth-former 'Chelsea Turnell who led the school's Timeline Project. Photo by Tim Wilson.
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Students, staff and visitors to Spalding Grammar School can now enter a time tunnel lined with at least 150 items from the institution’s last 250 years.

A new timeline for the school once known as the Queen Elizabeth Royal Free Grammar School of Spalding has been unveiled – made up of photographs, books, documents and other artefacts from the mid 1700s to the present day.

Ex-sixth former student Chelsea Turnell, who led the project in her role as the school’s communications and marketing manager, said: “Originally, we wanted it to be a community-based project where ex-students, staff and parents could send in things.

“The aim of the timeline is to make an impact by covering a lot of our school’s history with the help of some artefacts found in the school’s loft which took a while to sort out.

“So now the timeline is a mix of community-based and archived items, including the original Spalding Grammar School seal, medals from World War II and a class register from 1961.”

The next item to be added will be a “selfie” of retiring headmaster Nigel Ryan and students taken in the spring.

Miss Turnell said: “Quite a lot of the boys look at the timeline when they walk down to the main hall for assemblies.

“It’s become quite a focal point of the school and a lot of the staff are really behind it because we’re a school that’s largely based on history, with its old buildings, ex-students and teachers.”

Mr Ryan said: “The timeline is a great addition to the entrance of the school and it reinforces the message that our aim is still ‘to develop reflective, well-rounded individuals who have the skill and core values to go out and not only make a success of their lives, but also to enhance and enrich the community they live and work in’.

“The students of today can be confident that they are personally adding to this timeline and inspiring future generations to follow in their footsteps.”

Rev John Bennett, chairman of governors, said: “The new timeline at Spalding Grammar School gives a series of snapshots of more recent history, after the three hundred years when the school was located at Spalding Parish Church.

“Academic achievement and sporting success have continued to be the hallmarks of the school down the years, but what has changed is the way in which every student here is respected and treated as a valuable individual.”