ALBUM REVIEW: Textured guitars and dark vocals draw you in

Black Swan Lane: Under My Fallen Sky.

Black Swan Lane - Under My Fallen Sky: Out Now

This is the seventh album from Black Swan Lane - a US/UK indie rock band.

Formed in 2007, their track ‘In the Ether’ was featured in the comedy-drama film Adventureland.

Still, the band have not attracted the kind of global attention that they perhaps deserve.

There are hints of The Smiths and Depeche Mode throughout this album

First track ‘Stop to Smile’ opens with a gently strummed guitar intro, and soft drum beat before Jack Sobel’s deep voice kicks in, with his vocals telling us “I didn’t stop to smile, I wasted time to find you.”

I found the songs quite melancholy, dark in places, and some full of regret, yet poetic.

Like the lines in ‘Valentine,’ - “All that’s mine, for just one kiss. My secret’s blind, I’ll make you believe...”

Described as having that classic post-punk alternative Manchester sound, it’s an album that draws you in with textured guitars and its dark vocals.

Full of atmospheric sound and lyrics that tell a story, the overall effect is a polished production.

The 14 tracks are well thought out and will carry you away to another place with each listen.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall

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