ALBUM REVIEW: Takes you on a journey but who will enjoy the ride?

Hawklords - Six


British space rock band Hawklords have released their new album ‘Six’ to coincide with an extensive UK tour.

Hawklords were originally big in the late ‘70s and in 2008 a new band was formed around bass player Harvey Bainbridge and ex-Hawkwind vocalist Ron Tree.

Today, the band is Bainbridge, drummer Dave Pearce (ex-Bevis Frond), guitarist and keyboard player Jerry Richards, Ron Tree and bassist Tom Ashurst.

For new listeners, be warned that all the songs on ‘Six’ are long and after a couple of minutes of each track, I found them quite repetitive.

I was desperate to move on to the next song but soon realised that each track is ultimately either the same or very similar.

The longest song ‘Los CavaIina’, which finishes off the album, is a marathon nine minutes, 24 seconds.

If you enjoy allowing your mind to drift off to another world and want to ride along with the guitar solos then you’ll probably enjoy this album.

At the start, you feel as though you are about to be taken on an epic journey through space and time but by the end, I felt as though I’d been stuck on the M25 on a Friday evening!

Reviewed by Holly Barrett

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