ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Record-breaking’ track is a force of nature

Untouchable by Luke Settle (HYBRiD). Artwork copyright Russ Proctor.
Untouchable by Luke Settle (HYBRiD). Artwork copyright Russ Proctor.
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Untouchable, Luke Settle (HYBRiD), available now for pre-order

Swineshead rapper Luke Settle (aka HYBRiD) has put the finishing touches to his single ‘Untouchable’ and it’s raw, grabs you at the first listen and doesn’t put you down until the last powerful bar.

The singer and songwriter has mixed together a powerful guitar riff with heartfelt lyrics that sound as if he is pouring out his soul.

In a previous interview with the Spalding Guardian, Luke said the track was about an array of everything that has happened over the past six months.

He said: “It is about my thoughts and my frustration with the music scene.

“It is about how people will support an American artist who they have never heard of but not someone a few miles from their hometown.”

And the track notably contains more lyrics than Eminem’s current record-breaking song ‘Rap God,’ which has 1,560 words over six minutes, four seconds – an average of 4.28 words per second.

Without giving away the number of lyrics, Luke says he’s confident he’s got a new world record but the song has to chart to make it official.

The track is now available to pre-order from all major platforms such as Apple, Google Play and Amazon.

Review by Zoe Myall