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ALBUM REVIEW: Nouvelle Vague - Curiosities

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the latest offering from the band Weezer - an album full of covers of well-known hits.

One of my criticisms was that there was nothing different done with the covers. They could have been recorded on the album by the original artists themselves.

Nouvelle Vague - Curiosities. Image supplied by Pomona PR. (9592369)
Nouvelle Vague - Curiosities. Image supplied by Pomona PR. (9592369)

So, it was refreshing when the latest album from Nouvelle Vague arrived for review from PR company Pomona.

Called 'Curiosities', this album represents the 15th anniversary of the French music makers. Their name 'Nouvelle Vague' means 'new wave' in French and this album is full of covers given a very interesting new twist.

It's the sort of sound you might hear in the background of a trendy coffee shop or jazz bar, with familiar songs re-interpreted in the 'dreamy style' of 50s and 60s Bossa Nova.

Take the first track on the album 'Sweet Dreams' originally done by the brilliant Eurythmics. Here, it's given a much jazzier samba feel.

The magic continues to be weaved on the Pretender's Brass in Pocket, Human League's Don't You Want Me, and ska classics such as Mirror in the Bathroom.

The album is out now.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall

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