ALBUM REVIEW: Music that’s loud and grabs you by the hand

Sleeping with Sirens: Gossip
Sleeping with Sirens: Gossip
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Sleeping with Sirens - Gossip: Out now

Sleeping With Sirens are an American rock band from Orlando, Florida.

‘Gossip’ is their fifth studio album.

This is music that’s loud and grabs you by the hand.

The album opens with the catchy title track ‘Gossip’, and a beat that makes you nod your head, plus lines such as ‘Don’t believe the lies that you heard about me, about me.’

Then it’s on to the head-banging ‘Empire to Ashes’ and that’s how the album continues, with the exception of some softer songs such as ‘Closer’.

The music is the sort you would hear on rock tv stations Kerrang or Scuzz.

The band are Kellin Quinn (vocals and keyboards), Jack Fowler (lead guitar), Nick Martin (rhythm guitar), Justin Hills (bass) and Gabe Barham (drums).

Quinn has a unique singing voice, with many of his vocals being at a higher pitch than most male rock vocalists.

You could compare their music to that of bands such as Good Charlotte or Fall Out Boy but Quinn’s vocals mark them apart.

The third song on the album ‘Legends’ has been named the official song of Team USA for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall


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