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Le Cygne Noir - Shadow of a Wrecking Ball: Album review

By Spalding Reporter

Le Cygne Noir’s new album ‘Shadow of a Wrecking Ball’, is the latest instalment from the American singer/songwriter.

The first track ‘From the Grave’ is a floaty, ‘Space Odyssey’ style introduction to the album.

Gently building up the suspension through the rest of the album, it is a tranquil start to this journey.

Musician Le Cygne Noir. Image supplied by Sonic PR (16362172)
Musician Le Cygne Noir. Image supplied by Sonic PR (16362172)

Throughout the whole album Le Cygne Noir goes full on ‘80’s with electronic synthesizers entangled with rock guitar and experimental vocals.

In ‘Don’t look now’, the piano solo brings a haunting and sinister melody which is complimented brilliantly with a strong backing tune. This is a stand out track, which you could imagine being played in a nightclub chill out room.

‘Zombi Mantra’ brings back a heavy ‘80’s synthesizer and electric guitar vibe, conjuring up the feeling of wanting to play ‘air guitar’ to the track.

At times the lack of vocals makes it hard for the songs to have significant meaning and the tracks tend to just drift on until they stop abruptly. If you are looking for an album to play in the background in the middle of the night then this is for you!

The album is out on Friday, September 13.

Reviewed by Holly Barrett

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