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Hayley Williams - Petals for Armor: Album review

One of rock’s most distinctive vocalists, Hayley Williams, releases her debut solo album and it’s stunning.

The frontwoman of Paramore has delved into numerous side projects over recent years - such as teaming up with the DJ Zedd to provide vocals on the chart hit ‘Stay the Night.’

You may also remember her singing about ‘airplanes and shooting stars’ on the track ‘Airplanes’ with B.o.B.

Petals for Armor by Hayley Williams is out now. Image provided by Pomona PR.
Petals for Armor by Hayley Williams is out now. Image provided by Pomona PR.

Now, she takes a step back from the loud,
nu-metal/pop/rock sound of Paramore to explore a more mellow, haunting sound with her own album.

Featuring 15 polished tracks, there is still plenty of angst. The album opens with heavy breathing on the first track ‘Simmer’, carried along by a progressive beat.

“Rage is a quiet thing; You think that you’ve tamed it; But it’s just lying in wait...” she sings.

And there’s plenty of drama throughout the album, as she tackles different feelings and emotions.

‘Creeping’, is another ‘sit-up-and listen’ track (number four on the album), with its arresting lyrics ‘Why you creeping round here?’ accompanied by a floaty, electronic beat.

The electronic sound is prevalent in the whole album, with indie guitar parts in places. Then there’s an almost funk/pop sound thrown in - such as in the powerful track ‘Over Yet,’ or ‘Watch Me While I Bloom.’

It’s a brilliant solo work.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall

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