ALBUM REVIEW: From a goose farm in Wales to future diva stardom

Besty: Self-titled debut album.
Besty: Self-titled debut album.
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According to a promotional sticker on the front of this album, Betsy has been touted by NME magazine as ‘the heir to Cher.’

That’s an accolade in itself.

A few months ago I’d listened to the powerful single ‘Little White Lies’ being played on Radio 2, actually thinking it was the legendary Cher going in a different direction.

Betsy’s definitely got the same deep, strong vocals and this lady is one to watch. Her debut album is full of soaring vocals, blending catchy hooks with elements of ‘churchy soul,’ ballads and even crossing over into dance.

Her real name is Elizabeth Humfrey and she was born on a goose farm in rural Wales. She is said to have ‘found her voice from campfire singalongs and the local eisteddfod (literary, music and performance festival) where she “boldly” covered Rage Against the Machine. She would also sing along to the strong vocalists in her parents’ vintage record collection.

But music had to wait while she was encouraged to find a ‘fall-back’ career in fashion design.

After returning to Wales and eventually getting a demo tape heard, she landed deals with Columbia and Warner Bros. And let’s hope she’s here to stay.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall