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ALBUM REVIEW: Foals - Everything not saved will be lost - part 1

By Spalding Reporter

Those who are into the alternative scene will be no strangers to this group. In addition to having a lively role in today's rock scene, which is increasingly being driven by other musical genres, Foals has a certain magnetism that not only arrests those who listen to them but also, those who watch them.

This is the Foals' fifth album and was co-produced by Brett Shaw and the band itself. It is a record produced in a phase of renewal and self-discovery as it is their first project since the departure of bassist and founder member Walter Gervers who was part of the band for 12 years and contributed to such masterpieces as "Holy Fire".

The first song of the album, "Moonlight" begins with a simulation of soft angelic vocals joining the clean and transparent voice of the main vocalist Yannis. This resembles a whisper coming from a tunnel, inviting us to travel to a fifth dimension, almost equivalent to being in trance.

The new Foals CD (8068109)
The new Foals CD (8068109)

The track "Exits" focuses on global warming -"Now the sea eats the sky/But they say it's a lie".The lyrics continue: "Cause they watch us in sleep/The language that we speak/And the secrets that we keep", symbolizing another somewhat controversial topic that refers to the idea that we are all being observed in our houses, in the streets we walk, and that nothing we do is private and can be used against us. This song is very upbeat with even a little bit of groove which is a contrast with the lyrics itself but strangely a great arrangement.

From the album's 10 tracks I would say "I'm Done with the World" (And It's Done with Me) is the most sublime for me. The beginning of the piano breaks the heart to anyone who has ever felt alienated by the world and ever imagined a fictional scenario where we could just fade and run away from everything and from everyone without looking back: “I'm done with the world and it's done with me/All I wanna do is get up and leave”. Being the last song on the record, the album ends just as we find the light at the end of the tunnel.

According to Foals, this musical project is just the beginning. Fortunately 'Part 2' will be released in the autumn which will bring a lot of enthusiasm and interest.

This is not just a rock album... it's a search and experimental journey that manages to reach the same successful destination as the past albums - even if it was used different bridges to get there.

Célia Jesus

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