ALBUM REVIEW: Dark and moody but comes from the heart

Michael Malarkey - Mongrels
Michael Malarkey - Mongrels
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If you like your music dark, deep and moody, you’ll like this album. Think along the vein of Damien Rice, Radiohead or Nick Cave.

I can imagine the tracks being used in the background of a teen angst series like The OC or Dawson’s Creek. If you remember these TV series, you’ll get the idea.

The genre is a mix of country/folk with driven, raspy blues.

The artist behind the music, Michael Malarkey, is also well-known as an actor for playing the role of Enzo in The Vampire Diaries.

A self-taught musician, his journey into music is said to have started when he began placing guitar parts behind his passion of writing poetry.

He said: “I was enraptured by the poets and writers of the beat generation and how they used the sound and rhythm of words to create a certain energy of time and place.”

This is Malarkey’s debut album, described as ‘the scribblings of a restless creative battling to contain his nomadic spirit within his compositions.’

The album is disturbing at times in its darkness, and there is little in the way of joy, but it has plenty of soul and depth and the music comes from the heart.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall