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Beans on Toast - The Inevitable Train Wreck: Album review

There’s a really ‘fresh’ feel to this album. It’s quite different to other offerings I’ve heard recently. Opening with a bright and breezy, jangly rhythm to get your feet tapping, it has a contemporary message throughout.

Beans on Toast (great name), classes himself as a folk singer, but this is not your traditional folk. There are touches of blues here, brass sections and melodies you’ll be humming along to.

First track ‘World Gone Crazy,’ is one example of a tune that’ll stick in your mind – but with lyrics on the way of the world today, such as: ‘Addicted to plastic, staring at our phones...’

Beans on Toast. Image provided by Sonic PR.
Beans on Toast. Image provided by Sonic PR.

Track four, ‘Saying Thank You to Robots,’ is a wry look at how robots have taken jobs, while saying sarcastically thank you for all the other ‘benefits’.

Then there’s ‘England, I Love You’, covering the topic of Brexit and how it has divided the country.

While he voices his look at the world today clearly on this album, I wouldn’t describe it as being a ‘political message’. It’s quite light-hearted in its delivery, but does get you thinking at the same time.

It’s definitely worth a listen and is out now on BOT music.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall

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