ALBUM REVIEW: Another winner for British indie band

Reverend and The Makers - Death of a King
Reverend and The Makers - Death of a King
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This is the sixth album by British band Reverend and The Makers and what I enjoyed about it was every track had a different feel.

From the folky, Beatles-esque ‘Auld Reekie Blues’ with its piano driven undercurrent; ‘Too Tough to Die’ with hints of the Arctic Monkeys and catchy ‘Woo-hoos’; or the gentle ‘Juliet Knows,’ there’s never a dull moment.

The album also nods towards Oasis and The Stone Roses, and even Blur (dare I say Blur and Oasis in the same sentence?)

Reverend and The Makers are led by singer John McClure, nicknamed ‘The Reverend’ apparently because “I’m a big mouth and always running on at people.”

You’ll probably know the band best for their hit ‘Heavyweight Champion of The World’ which was a UK Top Five single - or for their support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Jon McClure proudly welcomed Corbyn onto the stage when they performed at Wirral Live in May this year, where Corbyn made an impassioned speech during the general election campaign.

But politics aside, the music is great.

The band are currently touring with dates in Glasgow, London, Sheffield and Manchester.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall