ALBUM REVIEW: An eclectic mix from two brothers

Field Music: Open Here.
Field Music: Open Here.
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Open Here - Field Music: Out February

Field Music are a previous Mercury Prize nominated band from Sunderland, formed in 2004.

Their music is described as indie rock, art rock and progressive pop.

But throughout this album, I wasn’t sure where I stood with them.

At first, I felt I was entering a dimension with its roots in the ‘80s with the first track ‘Time In Joy’.

But the genre switched throughout the album, veering towards elements of The Beatles in their Strawberry Fields era.

There were hints of David Bowie, and I was transported to the flower power vibes of the ‘60s and ‘70s at one point.

Add into that a smattering of funk and rock featuring the flute, flugelhorn, saxophone, string quartet and junk box percussion and the album is a truly eclectic mix.

The duo behind Field Music are brothers Peter and David Brewis.

They describe the album as a record that is bigger in scale, grander than anything they’ve done before.

David explains: “Where Commontime (their previous album), felt like a distillation of all of the elements that make up Field Music, this feels like an expansion; as if we’re pushing in every direction at once to see how far we can go.”

Reviewed by Zoe Myall