ALBUM REVIEW: A fine album that is both traditional and contemporary

The East Pointers: What We Leave Behind.
The East Pointers: What We Leave Behind.
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I’m in love with the song ‘Two Weeks’ from this album. It’s a beautiful, melancholy, melodic track.

This is the first time I’ve come across The East Pointers who are all from Canada’s East Coast (hence the name). They blend together infectious rhythm-driven hits with lyrics that tell a story, while building on the traditions of Canadian Celtic music.

The band are fiddler/singer Tim Chaisson, Koady Chaisson on banjo and guitarist Jake Charron.

Not all the songs on this album have vocals and many are instrumental. I preferred the songs where Tim sang, simply because of his beautiful voice and stunning lyrics.

The vocal track ‘82 Fires’ was created following the band’s real experience of the disastrous Australian wildfires of 2016 and reflecting the fact that the power of Mother Nature always has the final say.

‘Two Weeks’, as well as being a beautiful track to listen to musically, also has a poignant message as it tells of a situation common in the band’s home province of Prince Edward Island, and other communities, of the need to leave home and travel far away from friends and family to find work.

A fine album that balances Celtic traditions with a contemporary direction.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall