ALBUM REVIEW: A darker sound from pop duo Erasure

Erasure - World Beyond.
Erasure - World Beyond.
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World Beyond - Erasure: Out March 16

Erasure have taken a completely different direction with their latest album ‘World Beyond.’

It’s a post-classical reworking of their previous album ‘World Be Gone.’

If you’re expecting the duo’s usual lively sound of uplifting pop you’d be disappointed.

I hadn’t heard the album ‘World Be Gone’ so when I first popped this CD into the stereo I was surprised to listen to a melancholy intro of dramatic chimes leading into a dark first track ‘Oh What a World’.

It was with high hopes that I thought the song would break into the upbeat sound that we know so well from Andy Bell and Vince Clarke.

Alas, it didn’t and the rest of the album continued its slow, dark theme.

I was so disappointed by this album that I had to listen to the earlier CD ‘World Be Gone,’ and I am pleased to say that was in a vein much closer to the band’s original sound.

I can see what Andy and Vince have tried to do here, working with post-classical musicians Echo Collective.

Die-hard fans may like the album but I’d prefer to hear more of their famous sound known for hits such as ‘Blue Savannah’ or ‘Ship of Fools’ any day.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall