ALBUM REVIEW: A ‘Country’ girl - straight out of Liverpool

Laura Oakes: Nashville Stole Your Girl.
Laura Oakes: Nashville Stole Your Girl.
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Listening to this album, you would think that Laura Oakes comes straight out of Nashville. In fact, she’s straight out of Liverpool.

You might remember Laura as a contestant on TV talent show The Voice back in 2013.

It didn’t matter that she didn’t win as she’s gone on to carve herself what is proving to be a successful country music career.

She won Best Female Vocalist two years running in 2015 and 2016 at the British Country Music Awards.

Her EP, entitled Nashville Stole Your Girl, features four original tracks called ‘Glitter’, ‘Better in Blue Jeans,’ the title track, and a stripped down recording of one of her older tracks, ‘Lazy’.

There is also an enchanting cover of a lesser known Elton John song called ‘Cage The Songbird,’ which closes the EP.

Laura said: “The tracks themselves are five that I feel really sum up everything I’d want people to know about me as an artist.

“Contemporary but with a flavour of traditional country, the kind of country I grew up listening to...I tried to be clever with word play in places but blatantly conversational and honest, too.”

If you’re into your country music you’ll enjoy this artist. This girl can certainly sing.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall