ALBUM REVIEW: A big sound from female rock duo Rews

Rews: Pyro.
Rews: Pyro.
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REWS - PYRO: Out Now

Wow, this is what I call ‘Rock’. I’ve used a capital ‘R’ because it needs it.

The album is raw, full of catchy riffs, and explosive.

There’s so much going on in each track that I was surprised to find out that those behind it are just two people.

Rock duo Rews have been described as being like a female version of Royal Blood, who have a big sound, but are just vocalist and bass guitarist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher.

These two are Belfast singer/songwriter Shauna Tohill and vocalist/drummer Collette Williams from Corby in Northamptonshire.

The album, Pyro (which is Greek for ‘fire’), opens with the arresting track ‘Let It Roll’ and from the first bar, it makes you sit up and take notice.

If I was a ‘head-banger’ I’d be doing that all the way through the album.

It keeps up the tempo and you can visualise a mosh pit in your head as you listen to powerful tracks ‘Rip Up My Heart’ and ‘Miss You in the Dark.’

The band performed at Glastonbury this summer and have been gaining a growing fan base.

I’ll be looking out for more from this band, and if their next albums are anything like Pyro, we can expect great things from the duo.

Reviewed by Zoe Myall